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EFT® FGM® Technology

The EFT® technology is a method used to investigate sealing systems in buildings and in civil engineering. An electrical tracer detects and outlines the tightness of the sealing system.

The EFT® measurements are done pointwise with a measuring stick and touch panel computer with integrated data-logger. The measuring grid varies between 0.3 m and 2-5 m.

The EFT® technology was patented 2006 at the European Patent Office with the No. P1387156B1. The utility model for EFT® was issued 2005 under No. 203 20 677.0 / IPC: G01M 3/40 by the German Patent & Trademark Office; since 2004 in Austria under the No. 8088. EFT® was registered in 2002 as a trademark under No. 302 58 184 by the German Patent and Trademark Office.

EFT measurements in a cellar
EFT measurements on a flat roof
The FGM® Multi Sensor telemetric system consists of fast-measuring data acquisition units combined with unpolarized, high-resolution sensors.
We use the FGM® technology for measuring larger areas under difficult conditions, e.g. in building pits, railway areas or industrial plants. Measurements can also be performed under water - in aqueducts, tunnels and metro stations, for example.
The measuring grid is adjusted to the measuring area. 
The FGM® technology was patented in 1994 – Europ. Patent No. 94 914 506.4. The development of the FGM® System was supported by the Ministry of Commerce of Brandenburg and the EU.
FGM measurement in a building pit.
Range of application for investigation of sealing systems in building constructions:
  • Subsurface building structures, exterior walls, bottom plates, building joints, underground car parks, liners, landfills
  • Flat roofs, terraces, parking decks
  • Wet areas, e.g. sanitary facilities
  • Basins, e.g. swimming pools, ponds, sprinkler tanks, etc.
In civil engineering:
  • Investigation of sealing systems of deep building pits in groundwater
  • Concrete or steel structures
  • Localization of groundwater flows in the underground and in dams
  • Permeability control of liners
  • Detection of pollution in the underground
  • In the petrochemical industry
  • Joint control
  • Underground water pipes, sewage pipes
  • Sealings of bridge constructions
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