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Geophysics & Environment 

Geophysical measurements are used to investigate the subsurface for different practical applications, ranging from the exploration of mineral deposits and mapping of the subsurface structures to the investigation of landfills and pollution. Geophysical methods are also used for imaging subsurface archaeological sites. Likewise, environmental problems can be solved with geophysical measurements.

 Geophysical investigations are non-destructive and cost-saving. The results of investigation are optimized using various methods.

Optimized results by using various geophysical methods:

  • Ground-penetrating radar with varying antennas and depth penetrations
  • Underwater SCUBA radar
  • Microgravimetry 
  • Electromagnetic measurements
  • Seismic measurements
  • Geo-electric resistivity surveys 
  • FGM®/EFT® sensor technology

Range of Applications:

  • Non-invasive investigation of the geological-lithological situation in the underground, e.g. geological structures, the thickness of the various layers, etc. 
  • Localization of geologically weak zones, potential landslides
  • Localization of cavities, cracks and soil settlement in the subsurface 
  • Survey of aquifer layers, permeable and non-permeable horizons, groundwater horizons, and areas of water losses due to leakages
  • Localization of pollution in the underground
  • Determination of the technical state of railway embankments, dams and channels
  • Localization of reinforcement and corrosion
  • Investigation of mud thickness in rivers, lakes and reservoirs
  • Detection of pipes in the subsurface and underwater (culverts)
  • Detection of leakages in water and sewage pipes
  • Localization of metal objects in the underground 

Please find reference projects for geophysical surveys here.