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Leak detection in civil engineering

Groundwater flows of unknown origin and depth through concrete and steel constructions are located quickly and precisely by TEXPLOR. 

The results of our measurements are shown on the construction plan. The sanitation and grouting of the defective areas can be done immediately during the construction phase, thus reducing our customers’ costs considerably.

Range of application:

  • Enclosures of building pits, e.g. sheet pile walls, diaphragm walls
  • High-pressure injection and jelly bottom slabs
  • Underwater concrete bases
  • Tunnel and bridge constructions
  • Dams
  • Geomembrane sealings
  • Natural retaining horizons

The measurements are carried out non-destructively on the surface; the measuring grid is adapted according to the construction geometry. The measuring sensors can be lowered into water, too.

Quality controls of horizontal and vertical waterproofing immediately upon completion of the construction works minimize the risk of high sanitation costs due to re-mobilizing the equipment to the building site. Acceptance and commissioning of the building stay on schedule. Moreover, the success of sanitation works can be controlled continuously.

The investigations can also be carried out without lowering the groundwater table. The necessary infeed of energy is done in wells at different depths and positions.

Please find reference projects here.