specialist in detecting leakages in building-sealing systems   

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Investigation of basement waterproofing

Investigation of basement waterproofing A basement of a single-family house could no longer be used due to massive moisture damage. Technicians from TEXPLOR investigated the permeability of the basement sealing. Investigation

Leak detection in a terrace seal

Visible water damage on the underside of a balcony after completion of the building.

Hotel complex with bitumen waterproofing

A new hotel complex was built directly on the dike of a lake. Shortly after completion, massive water damage was visible in the basement.

Leak detection on the baseplate of an underground car park

Moisture in the basement and underground car park of a newly finished apartment complex. The complete baseplate was checked for tightness by TEXPLOR

Quality control of geomembrane sealing on a roof terrace

A geomembrane sealing was installed on a wraparound terrace in the 58th floor of the highest building in Austria. TEXPLOR performed the quality control of the sealing.

Leaking flat roof with intensive and extensive greening

Leaking flat roof with intensive and extensive greening Leakages below an intensive and extensive green roof after rainfalls.

Examination of expansion joints on the ceiling of an underground car park

Examination of expansion joints on the ceiling of an underground car park Water could penetrate through an expansion joint from the upper park deck into the underground car park of a shopping center.

Leak detection in a swimming pond

The causes of water losses in a new swimming pond could be solved only after the conduction of measurements by TEXPLOR.

Building pit enclosure

The tightness of a building pit enclosure with HZM sheet pile walls, embedded into a tuff horizon, was inspected.

Metro station under construction in Bangkok

Water flooded unexpectedly into a metro station under construction.

Quality control of wastewater basin

A liner basin for storing wastewater of a phosphate/gypsum landfill in China was inspected for leaks.

Quality control of building enclosures for metro stations

Quality control to identify hydrological risks and minimize hazards during the construction of metro stations before excavation.

Tight/untight measurements on a liner for a hot water basin

Tight/untight measurements on a liner for a hot water basin A high-temperature HDPE liner was installed in a basin for hot water used for energy storage at a solar collector plant. TEXPLOR certified the water-tightness of the

Leak detection in a tunnel construction

A road tunnel was built with four lanes below the river Shannon as a by-pass around Limerick, Ireland. Water flooded the building site unexpectedly.

Storage basins for contaminated sludge

Storage basins for contaminated sludge are continuously monitored.

Permanent monitoring for mining industry

A leaching pond for a uranium mining company is continuously monitored.

Permanent Monitoring of a flat roof

The flat roof of a depot at a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s deepfreeze storage is monitored for water-tightness.

Storage basins for coal-fueled power plant

Storage basins for coal were installed at a new coal power plant.

Detection of cavities and structural weak zones in the underground

After a water main break, cavities below buildings were suspected. TEXPLOR detected their depth and extension.

Inspection of the technical state of railway embankment

The technical state of a railway embankment was investigated with ground penetration radar.

Detection of pollution in subsoil

Hydrocarbon pollution in the subsoils of an inner-city area was detected and outlined using geophysical surveys.

Localization of cavities in a medieval former water tunnel

Cavities were discovered behind the brickwork in a medieval vault. Their extension and location had been unknown.

Investigation of a flood dike’s condition

After flooding, the condition of a flood dike was investigated.